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Grandissima Gravita Pisendel, Tartini, Veracini & VivaldiRachel Podger & Brecon Baroque

This CD brings together the compositions by four violinist- composers. United by a reverence for Arcangelo Corelli (1653- 1713), and in particular his Opus 5, these works explore the imagination of form that was the Sonata for violin and continuo.
Weaving together stylised dances and the preludic tradition, we are transported to a world of musical alchemy – the violinist creating ex nihilo textures and melodies that entrance and amaze.

Rachel Podger: The four composers’ connections read like a popular comedy! Violin virtuosos Francesco Maria Verachini and Johann Georg Pisendel had an argument which resulted in Veracini flying into a rage and throwing himself from first floor a balcony, damaging his foot and limping forever after.
Verachini amazed Giuseppe Tartini with his astonishingly smooth bowing technique, whereupon Tartini locked himself away to practice. Pisendel studied with Tartini and Antonio Vivaldi…



Vivaldi, Antonio

Sonate für Violine und Basso continuo A-Dur op. 2 Nr. 2 RV 31


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